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Neither more nor less, pleading for a modern dualism

couverture du livre Neither more nor less, pleading for a modern dualismThis work is no essay on Oriental philosophy on the Chinese doctrine of Tao (even if it does begin with a statement from him). Rather, is seeks to establish that the world that we know today (both material and spiritual) shows enormous convergences with this Yin / Yang doctrine; first explained 6000 years ago by an enlightened Chinese emperor (named Fou-Hi). In spite of the vast range of human knowledge at the beginning of the 21st century, wich one generally accepts as a sign of enormous progress, we can but state that this progress is but an illusion; all it does is verify and confirm that which the Ancients had premonitions about. We strive to prove it all via a series of very diverse themes, collected in articles which have been gathered together in books, covering a vast range of disciplines -- each of which can be approached separately.
We have tried to bring forth a philosophy from this confrontation between this venerable age-old thought and the vision of all that man has been able to create which separates him from animals, a philosophy which we call the «doctrine of modern dualism ». There is no doubt that this doctrine has had certain ties with other dialisms, such as Manicheism or Cartesianism; but it especially tries to operate a holistic and globalising synthesis from it. It is about simply stating how the world really functions, and arriving at behavioural reasons for il all.

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Auteur : René Lebon

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