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Ho'oponopono Tarot, Journey to The Peace of 'I' Guide...

couverture du livre Ho'oponopono Tarot, Journey to The Peace of 'I' Guide bookHo'oponopono Guide Book to the Tarot cards:

The peace of 'I'  Seeker Tarot, a Ho'oponopono healing Journey is made of 78 cards. For the Major Arcana, the path of a Ho’oponopono practitioner replaces the path of the Fool, and each 22 cards have their own names. The Minor Arcana are classified in four distinct groups of I Am Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You. Each suit has cards going from 1 to 10. To get meaning from the card look at the suit, its number, its placing in your chosen spread thus creating a story with specific meaning. 

The Court Cards have been slightly changed to reflect the energy inherent to the Ho’oponopono and Peace of 'I' Spiritual System. The Pages, Knight, Queen, and King are replaced by The Victim, Creator, Ambassador of the Divine and Kahuna. These are the four different potential roles played in the Ho’oponopono world. At any time we may be a victim, Creator, Ambassador of the Divine, or realize our highest potential as a Kahuna. We see in the card a snapshot of ourselves at various points of actualization.

Get the book and the cards in one pakage on

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Auteur : Michael F Gilbourne & Kay Hare

Michael F. Gilbourne Michael lives with his family in Nice, France, where he directs a yoga studio, Peace Yoga Nice, and retreat center, The Nice Boot Camp, as well as a private craniosacral therapy practice. Over the last two decades, he has taught more than 70,000 students, both in the United...

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