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The Theatre of Relief and Development

couverture du livre The Theatre of Relief and DevelopmentKey words

Relief – Development – NGO – Mission – Church – Jesus – Good Samaritan – Compassion -  Poor – Justice – Management – Project – Partnership - Theatre



This manual is for Christian workers in Relief & Development, missionaries, church leaders, board members, volunteers, donors, …



Chapter 1 recalls the commands of Jesus through the parable of the Good Samaritan: love God above all, love your neighbor as yourself and make (true) disciples.

Chapter 2 presents some Bible basics: how to see the creation, sustainable development, eternal perspectives, justice, the poor, management, gifts, church relations, idols, faith, proselytism, persecution ...

Chapter 3 introduces tools: assessing a situation, analyzing the actors involved, setting goals, managing a project, involving beneficiaries, ...

Chapter 4 deals with the character and attitudes of the Christian actor in Relief & Development: the real professional, the place of culture, crisis management, ...

Chapter 5 tells personal experiences of the author.

Putting Relief and Development into the theatre allows us to imagine different scenes, a variety of actors, different props and backgrounds, a mixture of plots, varying lighting …


The theatre is able to dramatize, express, ridicule and challenge. It is also a teaching tool  (role plays) and a therapeutic method.


Chapters conclude with lots of principles to synthesize information.


Questions for reflection are presented as a basis for personal meditation and group sharing.


Illustrations facilitate understanding.


Characters in the margin give their views. They don’t hesitate to contradict. They move between wise and foolish thinking.

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Auteur : Frank Mojo

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