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Inscription : 21 Jan 2018
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Sujet du message : 10 Best Pedometer Apps for Android to Track your Walk
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We live in a generation of health conscious people who believe in smart use of technology to realize their dreams of a fit body. In a world where most of the people are getting unhealthy day by day due to desk jobs, running can be their ultimate resort. Also, morning walk has been lauded as a good health habit every now and then. Unable to take much time out their busy schedules, people have started focusing on walking and running to better health. And how well we know where there is a demand for anything, there is an android application for it. Yes, we have listed the 10 best pedometer apps for android that will help in your walk.
A pedometer application is used to count the steps taken by a person in a specific period of time. It uses the sensors of our phones to measure the number of steps taken and then converts that data into distance traveled. Applications nowadays have integrated the same into different maps in order to keep a clear record of where ever one goes to. Some applications support social networking sites too. Yes, these days you don’t need a running buddy but a running application that can do more than a buddy for you.
In this article we review the 10 best pedometer applications that you could use through your early morning runs.


This is one of the most extensively laid out applications to accompany you while running. It has a host of features that go beyond just counting your steps or measuring distance. The app lets you calculate the time taken, the speed of which you covered it, and keeps track of your route using GPS. It is linked with GPS that helps you plan your running routine in a better way. The statistics are uploaded on With all these features, you can calculate burnt calories, weight loss and much more. This is a must try app for people who want to check, analyze and change their walking or running clothes. MapMyWalk is true to it's name.

android step counter apps

Runtastic Pedometer

There might be a huge range of pedometer apps available at the Google play store, but few of them stand out for an accuracy and an interface that is appealing. Runtastic Pedometer is one such application that is known for the accuracy of its measurement, thanks to the developers. The interface painted in purple is designed to give a pleasant impression. This one is your application and you are here to share your experiences with your friends. Thus, you can compete with your best friend. Like other essential applications, it helps you calculate the speed, distance, the time taken, the calories burnt and the step frequency as well. You can and do not want to worry about it.

Noom Walk

For the corporate dwellers, finding time to go to work. This is why we would like to review the Noom Walk app. For those people who rely on it, they can do it better. Because it has been designed to do just that. This application can be made to run in the background of your android and it keeps track of your steps through the day. So, you can be a lazy or give a pat for walking around. But running all day, this app surprises everyone by being the most battery friendly application ever. It has been observed that this application consumes just 3-4% of your battery if kept running for the whole day! Fancy that?

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Sujet du message : 10 Best Pedometer Apps for Android to Track your Walk
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Sujet du message : 10 Best Pedometer Apps for Android to Track your Walk
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