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You can get acquainted with a girl anywhere. But there are especially "tasty" places where you can get to know each other constantly and effectively. Today we will analyze several typical places where you most often visit, or where you should go, so as not only to get to know a girl, but to do it effectively. So, below are the best places to meet girls.

the Internet
Why is this the first place that you are offered? Where are you now? And on the Internet there are tons of opportunities to meet a girl, which is used by thousands of guys around the world. One of the best communication channels on the Internet is social media. This is a real field for action.

It is here that you can not only get acquainted, but also analyze some of the details that will further facilitate your task.

And this is where most guys immediately make the mistake of writing a banal "hello". They often write this to a beautiful girl, so you will be ignored that very second. First, study her page. In addition to photos, there is a lot of useful information here:

writing on the wall;
saved photos;
preferences in music;
worldview, views and much more.

Based on the information received, you should start acquaintance. Choose something especially rare, for example, she has music on her page that almost no one listens to.

Find out a little more about the performers, about the music, and write a normal welcome message. It may be some kind of film that you have long wanted to watch, but then there was no time, then there was no time for it at all. You can just ask her for her opinion on this film. And here you have a much better chance of starting an acquaintance.

In this case, your page should be exemplary. Fill it up with what the girl might really like. You should have on your page your real photos, preferably the most successful ones, at least a few entries on the wall, and not about "brother for brother", but something philosophical, musical, cultural. They have to say something really good about you. In this case, you are much more likely to interest the girl.

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Sujet du message : BBW dating.
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 You agree with me that before you start acquaintance on any site, you need to get to know the platform better. There are reviews for this and I want to recommend you read bbwcupid reviews! I think this is a very successful dating site for BBWs! I wish everyone a good mood and a good day!

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