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Inscription : 30 Mar 2018
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Sujet du message : Date with sugar daddy.
Lien permanentposté le : 23 Déc 2020, 07:33

Many girls dream of a date with sugar daddy. Have you ever thought about the disadvantages of such a relationship?

The condemnation from society. The absolute majority will consider such a woman selfish and Mercantile, consisting in a relationship only for the sake of money. However, every woman wants financial stability in a relationship-this is inherent in nature. And who says the opposite-is lying.

A relationship with a wealthy man can end as quickly as it began. He'll just find another woman. A rich man can afford it much more often than a middle-class man.

Abrupt termination of funding. Rich men can be quite stingy. After they win a woman over, the gifts can stop abruptly. You need to be prepared for this.

Gradual moderate degradation. When a person has everything and for this he has done almost nothing. When the realization that all the desired has already been achieved has penetrated into the head – from this moment the regression begins.

Difficulty in building relationships. Since a certain layer of wealthy young men is proud, selfish, boorish representatives. They do not consider anyone, they are not interested in someone else's life. There are two possible options: bend and endure (for the sake of money, love or status) or quickly escape from such a man.

Inscription : 19 Jan 2018
Messages : 206
Sujet du message : Date with sugar daddy.
Lien permanentposté le : 23 Déc 2020, 13:38

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