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Inscription : 06 Avr 2018
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Sujet du message : Fix roadrunner email issues contact roadrunner support
Lien permanentposté le : 04 Déc 2019, 21:35

For the average Roadrunner email user, spam is an unwanted email that clogs up their inboxes. However, the definition is more nuanced than just unwanted email, and it is essential for an email marketer to know, so you don’t accidentally create a spammy newsletter.

Spam emails are those communications that fulfill 2 main criteria: they are unsolicited and are sent in bulk. Other factors include those with malicious intent or ones sent from anonymous addresses. Also, there is rarely a way for a recipient to opt-out of further communication, even if the messages are irrelevant for them.

If you encounter with any Roadrunner email problem or Spam problem, then you can contact our Roadrunner Support team and get your Roadrunner email settings to fix. 

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