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Inscription : 26 Mar 2018
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Sujet du message : essentials of Avast antivirus software
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Avast Toll-Free Number Antivirus should be an amalgamation of antimalware, antispyware, and should also provide protection against Trojan horses and worms.
It should provide with real-time scanning feature, i.e. there should not be any requirement of manual scanning. It should automatically scan time to time. Without this feature, your computer might get infected without even your notice.
avast customer service software should provide protection against browser exploits. Browser exploits usually involve website code that is written to take advantage of the vulnerability in a web-browser. Imagine clicking on “cancel” and the browser interprets it to be “confirmed”.
Antivirus software should be anti-phishing software too. It should provide protection against phishing activities that are becoming the most common threats nowadays.
It should provide protection against email spam and scams. It should block any vulnerable incoming email which carries malware to destroy your system.
It should have automatic update feature. If you have to install updates, you might miss some important features and frequencies, but if the software would update automatically it will not miss any feature and will become more secure time to time.
It should have auto-clean feature. If the antivirus software has detected the malware, it should be capable of deleting the malware on its own. You don’t have to scan from time to time manually and clean the system.
These are the must-have features of antivirus software. But imagine if you face any trouble dealing with the antivirus software, then who would you call? Choose the best Avast Customer Support Number for your avast antivirus software.

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Inscription : 27 Juil 2017
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Sujet du message : essentials of Avast antivirus software
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