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Inscription : 26 Mar 2018
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Sujet du message : Steps for Activation
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Visit on your internet browser.
Login with the account information or go to create one.
Now, enter the 25 digits code which you have purchased online or via Retail card.
Enter the correct 25 digit product key in the required box.
Select the Language of the Norton Security Version Required.
Press on “Get Started Button” once you fill out the whole information.
A new page a complete Terms & Conditions will appear on the screen.
Go to the “Agree” button after following the complete instructions.
After that, the whole Norton nu16 Security Setup will be downloaded to your computer.
Once the download gets completed, check it on the same browser or else check the Norton security.
After it, follow the given instructions appeared on the screen.
Now, sign in in with the Email Address and password.

carrier kit
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Sujet du message : Steps for Activation
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