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Inscription : 26 Mar 2018
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Sujet du message : HP customer service Includes:
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-Not Printing
If your printer isn’t printing and doesn’t prompt any errors, ensure that the printers is connected to USB or by Ethernet cable and in case it’s a WIFI model, connectivity to the right network is established and the device is enabled on WIFI mode.

-Low-Ink Error
You often won’t realize if your printer cartridges need a replacement, if you are getting bank prints or print in one color, the chances are that you out of ink. All the new model of printers have this feature which shows low-ink warning or an ink tank indicator which will issue you a warning. So you know it’s time to refill the cartridges.
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-Printing on WIFI taking too long
Ensure the WIFI router is good enough —it should support 802.11n and offer the 5GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz—and the firmware is up to date. In case it has some capability issue you can use an extender or a new WIFI device can help you get it working.

for more info contact to hp customer service.

-Printer Spooler Error
Print spooler is software that temporarily stores print jobs on the computer hard disk or in memory until the printer is ready to print them. The error occurs when the data gets corrupt or when the print spooler service crashes, which leads to issue with printing. You need to clear the spooler or rest or might have to uninstall the printer and reinstall it in order to make it work.

-Bad Quality of Printing
Printers vary widely in text quality; ink jets generally offer text suitable for home, school, or casual business use, while most lasers are capable of printing crisp text for more professional-looking documents. However, the most generic issue which leads to bad quality of printing is the setting on which you take them. Ensure the print settings a correct from the size of paper to mode of printing.

-Paper Jam Issue
When working with any printer, it is inevitable that you will encounter a paper jam. Follow simple steps and get rid of the issue – Turn of printer Open all doors leading to the paper path, Carefully take out paper sheets and scraps, Close all the doors and turn on the printer.

Suman desai
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Sujet du message : HP customer service Includes:
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