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Forum / Béta / Bug et des bugs ? / How can I Download Norton product purchased from retail shop?
Inscription : 17 Nov 2017
Messages : 198
Sujet du message : How can I Download Norton product purchased from retail shop?
Lien permanentposté le : 30 Juil 2018, 08:35

To activate and install Norton product purchased from a retail shop or a third-party affiliated web site (Online), you need to create a Norton account or add the purchased subscription to the existing account.

During the Norton setup process, you will be provided to enroll in Norton Automatic Renewal Service.

Download, install and Setup Norton Product via
Login In to Norton.
If you don’t have a Norton account, click “Create account” and complete the sign up steps. Login if you already have a Norton Account.
In the Norton Setup window, click on Enter a New Norton Product Key.
Fill the product key and click >.
If a boxed product CD bought by you online or at a local retail store, your product key is inside the CD box either on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or printed on a card in the CD box.
Your Norton product key is a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters. It doesn’t contain any special type of characters.
Note that your subscription starts when you enter the 25-character of Norton key found on your subscription retail card or order confirmation e-mail.
To register in Automatic Renewal Service for your Norton Product, Get Started. If you don’t prefer to register in Automatic Renewal Service, click “Do this Later” and proceed to point 9.
You should read the Automatic Renewal Terms and Conditions and click on “Agree” button and Continue.
Fill your Credit Card information and click Next.
Fill your Billing-Address and click Enroll in Automatic Renewal.
In the enrollment confirmation window, click Continue to Download.
Click on “Agree” button & Download.
Follow the instructions displayed on screen to Run or Save the Downloader file. These can be different. It’s depending on your web browser. If you save the file, make sure that you double-click the save file from the saved location or folder after the download is finished or completed.Once the Downloader is started, your subscription will be downloaded, installed, setup and activated automatically. Your device will show on screen its current protection status and additional subscription software can be installed from within your Norton Account.

Suman desai
Inscription : 11 Sep 2017
Messages : 1173
Sujet du message : How can I Download Norton product purchased from retail shop?
Lien permanentposté le : 11 Oct 2018, 09:57

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