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cover 2 J'aime - 121 pages

Ho'oponopono Tarot, Journey to The Peace of 'I' Guide book

de Michael F Gilbourne & Kay Hare - il y a 6 ans - 10 122 lectures

Ho'oponopono Guide Book to the Tarot cards: The peace of 'I'  Seeker Tarot, a Ho'oponopono healing Journey is made of 78 cards. For the Major Arcana, the path of a Ho’oponopono practitioner replaces the path of the Fool, and each 22 cards have their own names. The Minor Arcana are classified in four distinct groups of I Am Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You. Each suit has cards going...

cover 0 J'aime - 76 pages

Journey to The Peace of 'I'

de Michael F Gilbourne & Kay Hare - il y a 6 ans - 1 195 lectures

This book was created with the pure intention to elevate our spirit. Each symbol is infused with its own unique vibrational signature. The sum of these symbols combined in each illustration holds the...

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Ho'oponopono Tarot,...

cover 10 122 lectures - 121 pages

Journey to The...

cover 1 195 lectures - 76 pages

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