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DoraInsights and Communication manager, Graduated from the Tunisian- American university : Tunis Business School with major marketing and Minor accounting

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Marketing communication

de Dora proposé par Dorah - il y a 7 ans - 117 lectures

The document contains the Basic kinds of the communication Tools and methods used by marketers. From Mass to niche market, all the types of communication are important in the different steps of the selling and buying process. Here in the share file, You will discover the importance of the marketing mix , its components and its role in marketing. Hope it helps you.

cover 0 J'aime - 85 pages

Consumer behaviour

de Dora proposé par Dorah - il y a 7 ans - 122 lectures

The document contains 8 chapters done by Dora Hosni (me). The chapter 3 (segmentation) is a document prepared by another person. The course contains the most important concepts each one needs to...

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cover 117 lectures - 19 pages

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Consumer behaviour

cover 122 lectures - 85 pages

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