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Michael F Gilbourne & Kay HareMichael F. Gilbourne

Michael lives with his family in Nice, France, where he directs a yoga studio, Peace Yoga Nice, and retreat center, The Nice Boot Camp, as well as a private craniosacral therapy practice. Over the last two decades, he has taught more than 70,000 students, both in the United States, where he owned several studios, and in Europe. He studied with a wide variety of masters. His passion for teaching and learning created his unique approach, which supports us all as we grow physically, mentally and emotionally. As a proud father of two young inspiring girls, Michael’s motivation to serve as a channel to the Divine has only grown. He, along with his wife (his spiritual partner and greatest friend), hope to share with the world the beauty that is possible. Yoga and Ho’oponopono are their foundation for staying strong to share and grow.  


Kay Hare

Kay received training at Central St Martin’s School of Art in London. Her paintings are exhibited in the South of France and London. Since discovering Ho’oponopono nearly a century ago, it now flows unconsciously through her at all times. “Once Ho’oponopono is tried consistently, it sinks into your heart and mind and becomes a channel for more well-being. I found the book easy to illustrate with an endless stream of ideas and drawings flowing through me. I am grateful that I found Ho’oponopono. I never expected it to emerge in my life as a book. It is a subtle magic that keeps surprising me. Saying the Mantra brings me closer to a peaceful, happier state of mind, no matter what is going on around me. Start the journey and watch the miracles show up in your life”.


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cover 2 J'aime - 121 pages

Ho'oponopono Tarot, Journey to The Peace of 'I' Guide book

de Michael F Gilbourne & Kay Hare proposé par mf-gilbourne-et-kay-hare - il y a 7 ans - 18 925 lectures

Ho'oponopono Guide Book to the Tarot cards: The peace of 'I'  Seeker Tarot, a Ho'oponopono healing Journey is made of 78 cards. For the Major Arcana, the path of a Ho’oponopono practitioner replaces the path of the Fool, and each 22 cards have their own names. The Minor Arcana are classified in four distinct groups of I Am Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You. Each suit has cards going...

cover 0 J'aime - 76 pages

Journey to The Peace of 'I'

de Michael F Gilbourne & Kay Hare proposé par mf-gilbourne-et-kay-hare - il y a 7 ans - 1 640 lectures

This book was created with the pure intention to elevate our spirit. Each symbol is infused with its own unique vibrational signature. The sum of these symbols combined in each illustration holds the...

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Ho'oponopono Tarot,...

cover 18 925 lectures - 121 pages

Journey to The...

cover 1 640 lectures - 76 pages

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